Stag Night of the Dead Reviews

"Straight from the outset you can tell this is going to be a fun a genre that’s being suffocated by remakes and sparkling vampires it’s nice to see that independent film makers are breathing some new life into the undead"
Read the full review here: PissedOffGeek

"Great zombie action...the production of this movie was phenomenal...gore was great...zombie lovers, fans of indie cinema and those that like films about games that turn deadly will enjoy this wonderful movie"
Read the full review here: BuyZombie

"The perfect movie to accompany a full-on 'popcorn and a pint' viewing...absolutely fantastic effects...wonderfully fresh and deserving of success"
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"The makeup and special effects [are] pretty damn good...miles ahead of anything I might see on SyFy on a Saturday could do a hell of a lot worse than to support Stag Night of the Dead"
Read the full review here: BloodyPopcorn

"Brilliant zombie film...a glorious mixture of Night Of The Living Dead, The Wedding Singer and The Running Man...unrelenting fun"
Read the full review here: BRWC

We'll be adding more reviews of the film when they come in. In the meanwhile you can read this interview with SNOTD director Neil 'Napoleon' Jones over at IndieFlicks. You can also see what the folks at Zombie Command thought when they came to see our London preview screening.

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