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October 12th, 2010 by The Mascot · 1 Comment · Movie News

It’s been a long time coming but everyone’s favourite comedy zombie movie* Stag Night of the Dead is finally ready to be unleashed.

According to the bigwigs over in Hollywood, you’re supposed to drip feed your film into the cinemas country by country meaning that people in Zaire see the film last of all after America (They do it alphabetically. Honest.). Then a few months later release a DVD in lots of different formats with regional encoding so the copy you bought in England won’t work when you’re visiting your granny in Canada. After that you get a chance to rent the film at Blockbusters Dave’s Video Emporium then it goes to PPV satellite or cable and then it goes…..Well, you know the story.

Now, at Zomball Films, we like to do things a little bit differently so we’ve torn up the rule book. We say PAH! to the old school way of doing things.

We’re going to let everyone in the world see the film on the same day at the same time.

Get ready for a treat with no tricks. Stag Night of the Dead will be available to watch online this Halloween anywhere in the world!

We’re really pleased to be partnering with those lovely folks over at Dynamo to present SNOTD in glorious technicolour over the world wide webs. You’ll be able to rent the film via our website and watch it on your computer whenever you want to. No more of that having to wait until some big cheese in LA decides when you can watch the film. You watch it when YOU want to watch it where ever you want to watch it.

Now doesn’t that feel like a more civilised way of doing things?

If you like the film, you can then buy the DVD when it’s released later this year. It will be region free so you can watch it on any DVD player anywhere in the world and will be loaded with tons of extras including behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, bloopers reel and two featurettes on the making of Stag Night of the Dead plus what we’ve learned as independent filmmakers along the way.

And just to complete the whole arse-about-face way we’re doing things here, we’re also planning on taking the film out on a mini-tour to cinemas next year.


Wasn’t the DVD supposed to be coming out this Halloween too?
Well, yes it was but we missed the deadline to get the film to the BBFC and, since it’s illegal to sell a DVD in the UK without certification, we’ve had to postpone the DVD launch. Much as we’d like to be able to offer you the DVD this Halloween, the thought of bumping into Big Bubba in the showers at HMP Pentonville fills us with terror so we’ve pushed the release date back.

So when’s the DVD coming out, Godammit?
Rather than give you a date and then welch on the deal (we’ve got previous for that), all we can say at the moment is that you don’t have to worry about what to buy Granny for Christmas this year. Besides, the extra time means we can cram even more SNOTD goodliness onto the DVD.

Who is distributing the film?
We are.

So you mean you didn’t get any offers from proper distributors, then?
On the contrary, we spoke with a number of distributors who were looking to take the film on but we decided, for various reasons, to take the film on ourselves and go down the DIY route. It’s all that Jon Reiss‘ fault, you know….That’s not to say that we won’t succumb to the lure of the Yankee dollar if someone were to offer us gazillions for the rights. (Note: if you do want to offer us gazillions, get your people to speak to our people, OK?)

How much will it cost to rent the film?
We’ve not confirmed the price but it’s likely to be about £3 ($4.50 USD) for a seven day rental.

Will you be offering a download to own version of the film?
Yes we will be. We’re in the process of finalising the platform for that and will let you know when it’s available. Follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook page and you’ll get the latest news about when the DTO version is available and where you can see Stag Night of the Dead on the big screen.

Stag Night of the Dead on the big screen? Squeeee! Tell me more!
Well since you asked so nicely, I will. We’re planning on taking the film to selected cinemas next year. Nothing has been confirmed at the moment for the simple reason that we want your input as to where to screen it. There’s no point showing the film at the Shetland Islands Picture House if nobody wants to come and see it so we’ll be asking you, the fans, where you’d like to see the film.

Does that include America?
If there’s enough interest then sure, we’d love to bring the film over.

What about Australia?
Strewth, cobber, if enough Bruce’s and Sheila’s want to throw a few shrimps on the barbie and see the film on the big screen then why not?

What about The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?
Ermm…probably not.

Isn’t the way you’re releasing the film a bit backward?
Not really. If anything, the “traditional” way of releasing a film is the one that is backward. The fat cats in Hollywood seem to be ignoring the fact that things are different in the 21st Century. People are no longer prepared to wait to see a film until they’re told they can. They want to see it on their terms, not terms dictated by The Man. We recognise that things are different in today’s digital world so we’re removing some of the old school barriers. Over time we think you’ll see more films being released like this.

I’ve got another question….
Well I’m afraid we’ve run out of time so why not leave a comment below and we’ll come back to you on that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this monster length blog post. I know I promised not to write another one after the last time but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I was going to send a tweet but somehow 140 characters just didn’t seem enough…


The Mascot

* – well it’s my favourite comedy zombie movie, anyway. Although I did quite like Shaun of the Dead too…

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    I think that’s a pretty cool way to release the film! Looking forward to seeing it :)