Stag Night of the Dead DVD Cover

Set in the grip of a global pandemic and on the eve of Dean's wedding, a group of old school friends head off to a run down military base with a PVC clad stripper for the ultimate stag party experience.

Forget paintball, at Zomball you get to shoot zombies with a dirty great stun gun. It's a game that is literally more than life or death.

After breaking the golden rule of Zomball - "never humiliate a zombie" - it becomes a fight for survival as the truth about the new world order is revealed and suddenly the mother-in-law is the least of Dean's problems...

Stag Night of the Dead is a zom-com in the tradition of Shaun of the Dead with a little bit of American Pie thrown in for good measure and features zombies, sex, big guns, a giant, a dwarf and cinema's first cycling zombie.

Starring Sebastian Street, Sophie Lovell Anderson, Bruce Lawrence, Rez Kempton, Joe Rainbow, James G Fain, Doug Grant, Jeff Rudom and Mike Busson.

US DVD RELEASE DATE: 1 May 2012. Available on iTunes now: Download Stag Night of the Dead